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Late/Absence Procedures

If your child is unwell and will be staying at home please ring the school to tell us.
We can administer prescription medicines from the doctors. Forms are in the office to complete if you require us to do this. Cough sweets etc are not allowed in school.


Should your child be suffering from sickness or diarrhoea, please allow 24 hours after the last attack before allowing your child to return to school as this reduces any risk of the spread of infection.

If your child regularly uses an inhaler for asthma, ensure that they have one in school which is in date with their name on it. If your child sometimes requires an epi-pen we also need one of those in school.


Sometimes children fall ill during the day and the school will always get in contact with you. It is therefore important that we have a current contact telephone number. We may also be in touch if your child has an accident in school which is more serious than the usual scrapes and bumps. Any bumps to the head during the day will result in a letter being sent home that day informing you.

In the case of an emergency, where it has not been possible to get in contact with you, the Headteacher will act on the advice of qualified medical personnel.