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Monday 5th July

WALT: count to 100


This week we are going to be counting up to 100! Have a look at this 100 square below

Can you count in tens? Make sure you point to each number as you count.


Now, find the number 70. Continue counting from 70. What numbers do you say?
70, 71, 72, 73, 74 etc.


Go through the powerpoint below to continue practising counting up to 100!

Now, have a go at the worksheet where you will be counting up to 100. Make sure you count the 10s first and then continue for the ones



Tuesday 6th July

WALT: partition numbers within 100 (practical) 


Today we will be partitioning numbers within 100. We have done this before with numbers up to 50. We look at the number's tens and ones, see below.

Have a go at slide 2 on the powerpoint below to recap partitioning within 50.

When we partition bigger numbers, we have to add another column called the hundred column. Continue going through the powerpoint to partition some larger numbers.


You can then have a go at partitioning some numbers yourself. Work through the number cards and partition them using a place value grid.

Wednesday 7th July

WALT: partition numbers within 100


Today we are partitioning numbers again. This is where we split the numbers into hundreds, tens and ones. We will be using part-whole models to partition numbers today.


Have a look through the powerpoint below and have a go and answering some of the questions yourself!

Now have a go at the worksheet. There is also a partitioning game you can play too!

Thursday 8th July

WALT: compare numbers within 100


Today we will be comparing numbers to 100 as well as looking as different ways we can represent these numbers using a variety of apparatus. 


Go through the powerpoint below and take a look at how we can compare and represent  numbers within 100.