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WALT: identify special objects that a Muslim family might have in their home and why these objects are important to Muslims



Recall which other religions we have studied so far.  Christianity/Christian, Sikhism/Sikh, Buddhism/Buddhist, Judaism/Jew, Hinduism/Hindu and Islam/Muslim – emphasise vocabulary.

Watch the prayers at home video and wudu or washing for prayer time.

Talk about the rituals and what is important. What do they use? Prayer mats? Why are these important. Go through the artefacts PowerPoint that explains a variety of objects that are important to Muslims. Talk to your child about how the people's homes are a special place for Muslims.  Discuss whether they know about the special activities that take place there eg. Sharing stories about the Prophets, reading the Qur’an, praying together, fasting during Ramadan and celebrating Eid.

Your child can draw one of the artefacts and write about its use and why it is important to a Muslim.