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WALT to use drawing and painting


Look closely at your self portrait and in mirror. Are there areas you want to change?


Once you are happy use a sketching pencil 3B (or dark pencil) to draw the outline of your portrait. Draw in a background. Use images from Kahlo’s work for inspiration. – leaves, parrot, flowers, elements of nature.


Once complete use marker to trace over the lines. Use coloured pencils for face. Use bright, vibrant colours – watercolours/Poster Paint/oil pastels to paint the background – focus upon colour mixing as in previous learning.


While your painting is drying, draw an element from Frida Kahlo's self portraits on a separate sheet of paper using crayons or oil pastels. Frida often drew herself with flowers in her hair, or with animals, such as monkeys, on her shoulder. If you need inspiration, look at some of Frida Kahlo's self portraits.