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Art and Design

The children are given a range of opportunities to explore and develop skills in art, craft and design activities. They work individually, in groups and as a whole class. They look at different forms of art, and explore the work of artists and designers from around the world, both current and historical.

Children are given starting points through first-hand experience, and are encouraged to make their own responses to visual and emotional stimuli.


Children develop their understanding of line, tone, colour, texture, pattern and shape, and develop their early skills in the use of all of these through using a range of materials. They develop their skills in using simple craft equipment to design and build models. They are given opportunities to work freely, and sometimes explore their own creativity without prescribed guidelines.

As part of the curriculum the Year 2 children visit the National Gallery which enriches children’s knowledge and understanding of artists around a theme and introduces them to a great treasure house which belongs to everyone.


In Years 1 and 2 we run an art club after school where children are given time to experiment and encouraged to think critically about their work and that of others.