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Task 1

In instruction writing , imperative or 'bossy' verbs are used. 

 These are used in ‘command’ sentences.  Where do we see instructional writing? 

New toys, instructions for electrical devices, games, recipes. 


Today we will make chocolate cupcakes and write a recipe.  Make sure your recipe tells you exactly how to create the cupcakes. Happy cooking!


Task 2

Watch Micheal Rosen’s video clip, ‘Chocolate Cake’.

Look at your own chocolate cupcake you made yesterday.  Smell the cake – what does it smell like?  What does it look like?

Begin writing on scrap piece of paper about your cake (like Michael Rosen – retelling what he did).


'The chocolate cake sat on my table,

Delicious, scrumptious, yummy.

The smell was amazing

Sweet chocolate filled the air.

I breathed in deeply, the chocolate filling my nostrils.'


What are you going to do next? Finish the poem about your cupcake....

I picked up the chocolate cake carefully in my hand. 

Slowly I put it towards my mouth and…..


Task 3


Today we are going to answer questions.

Have a look at the information on the Aztecs and Mayans of Central America – known as Mexico now.


Read 'The Chocolate Tree story' in the section above.  This is a Legend of how humans found chocolate.

Read Chapter 1


The Key new words are here below:

Kukulkán – Serpent God

Chichén Itzá. – Mayan city

Stone Temple – building of worship


Maize – corn (cornflakes, corn on the cob)

Answer the questions above. 


Task 4

Today we are using similes to describe.

Read Chapter 2. 

Focus on character Kukulkan. What do we know about what he looks like?  Use of information from the story.  


Draw Kukulkan and then describe him e.g.

Kukulkan was a powerful god.  His body was a long as a serpent....


Try and use prepositions to describe:

On top of, in the middle of, along his back....