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WALT describe a character

Read Jaguar Nights (pg 17 – 24)

What do you notice about the differences between the two Gods? What is Night Jaguar like? 

Write some descriptive sentences about the Night Jaguar. How does Night Jaguar look? Act? What is their personality?



WALT use persuasive language

Read pg 25 – 27 of Jaguar Nights?

What is the special treasure of the Gods?  Why do you think it should just be for them?  Should it be shared? .

Create 2 sides (like Parliament) to argue the case

Should the people get the precious treasure of the Gods?

Some sentence openers are:

I believe, In my opinion, As yo

WALT create a story map                                                        

Read the rest of the story.

What happened in the story?

u will hear.....



WALT create a story map

Use the map above to create a story map. Draw pictures of what happened in the story starting from the end to the beginning. 



WALT retell the story

The story is a legend which was told thousands of years ago, to explain how something has happened.   


Using story map from previous lesson, retell the story in written form.