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Zahra animated short film

Task 1 - Watch our new film text, Zahra above. 


The use five stills from the film depicting the beginning, the build-up, the climax, the resolution and the end. Write a simple description for what is happening in each picture.


Task 2 - 

Write expanded noun phrases using nouns from Zahra, using resource 2e. Can you extend your phrases through the use of a relative pronoun: which, who and where. E.g. The wiggly, ancient roots which lie in the scorching, fine sand.


Task 3 - 

Read resource 3d, which contains false and true exclamatory sentences. Then, write sentences about statement explaining why that exclamation is either true or false. Challenge – Can you write your own exclamation sentences?


Task 4 - 

Label a still image of Zahra, placed on resource 4e, with expanded noun phrases. Try extending this with: that, with,

which etc. E.g. Zahra wears golden, hooped earrings which glisten in the shining sun.

Challenge – Can you use the word because to explain one of your character descriptions? 


Task 5 - 

Write some sentences describing Zahra's appearance using the conjunction ‘and’.

Challenge – Can you write a character description sentence? Use Resource 5a or 5b above, to help.