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The Night Pirates by Peter Harris and Deborah Allwright - Mr Wickins Reads

Today we will be looking closely at pages 1 to 4 of the book. 

Monday’s Literacy Activity Vocabulary: What does ‘stealthy’ mean?

What does ‘arrived’ mean?

What other words could have been used here?

Infer: Why might they be being quiet? Why might they be climbing up the house? Did anybody see the people? How do you know?

Predict: Who might be coming down the street? Predict what Tom’s adventure will be.

Retrieve: What time of day is it? Can you see what has been thrown up in the air in the second picture? Who was the little boy?

Summarise: Can you summarise the opening of the book in one word and explain why you chose that word?


Today we will be looking closely at pages 5 to 8 of the book.

 Tuesday’s Literacy Activity

Vocabulary: What is an ogre? What is a gremlin? What does ‘stealing away’ mean?

Infer:Why might Tom think it is pirates? Why do you think Tom wants to join the pirates?

Explain: What affect on the reader do questions have?

Retrieve: Which types of monster does Tom wonder about? What is the pirate doing in Tom’s imagination? What sort of ship do the pirates have?

Summarise: Can you write a sentence to explain how Tom is feeling?


Today we will be looking closely at pages 9 to 12 of the book. 

Wednesday’s Literacy Activity

Vocabulary: ‘The girl captain roars.’ Does this tell you anything about her? What words to do with ships are used? What does snoozing mean?

Infer: Does the ship look safe? Why? Why do you think they’ve gone to this island?

Predict: Predict where the ship was going. Predict what the strange thing is.

Explain: Do you think Tom should join the pirates? Why? Why do you think the author doesn’t tell you the very strange thing straight away?

Retrieve: What does the girl say when Tom asks to join? What is she carrying? What goes up on the ship first? Who is on the island?



Today we will be looking closely at pages 13 to 18 of the book. 

Thursday’s Literacy Activity

Vocabulary: What does ‘declared’ mean? What does ‘gaped’ mean?

Infer: Why is it strange to see a house sailing? Why don’t the pirates care about seeing the house? Why do you think the pirates ran away? What does Captain Patch threaten to do? Explain: Do you think the parents should have ran away? Why?

Retrieve: What could the captain see? What do the pirates do when Captain Patch tells them to do something? Who comes out of the house? Where do the pirates hide? What do Tom and the girl pirates take?

Summarise: Describe what is happening on these pages in one sentence.


Today we will be looking closely at pages 19 to 22 of the book. 

Friday’s Literacy Activity Vocabulary: What words are changed from the beginning?

Predict: If there was a sequel to this book, predict what it would be about.

Explain: Explain why the author linked it back to the beginning.

Retrieve: What was Tom doing?

Summarise: Summarise the whole book in less than fifty words.