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The ability to communicate, read and write is fundamental making good progress across the whole curriculum, so at Limes Farm Infant School we spend a large portion of our learning time developing these skills both within the specific subject and across the curriculum.


Teaching is planned to take account of the differing stages of development of each of our pupils. We use a different key text for each theme from which most lessons are planned.


Reading is one of the most important things that we teach at our school. It is a vital tool for learning and for life. Children are regularly heard read individually and also in guided reading groups where they have more opportunity to explore the meaning  and finer points of the same text in a group discussion. Children who find learning to read more challenging are given extra personalised support either individually or in a small intervention group.


Phonics plays a vital role in a child’s ability to read and write. Therefore at our school all children from the Nursery to the end of Key Stage 1 participate in a daily phonics session following the Letters and Sounds framework and are then encouraged to use the skills learnt during these sessions in their reading and  spelling


Children also develop their writing skills from the Foundation Stage onwards. They learn to form their letters correctly and ensure they  place their letters in the correct place regarding the line. Once children are able to form letters correctly and confidently they are encouraged to begin to join their handwriting


In Key Stage 1 spellings are sent home  to learn and are tested at the end of each week. Children are encouraged to ‘have a go’ at unfamiliar words, using their phonic skills to sound them out. Common phonically irregular words are learnt within the context of  writing and displayed within the classroom for the children to refer to. With skillful teacher input, modelling and support they begin to develop their ability to write standard written English.


Children participate in a independent  weekly writing task. Progress is very evident in their books.

Grammar is systematically taught throughout Key Stage 1 using technical vocabulary.

Parents and carers are expected to support their children at home with daily reading practice, as well as helping with handwriting and spelling homework.