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Friday 5.3.21


Register –Today is our last official day of Remote Learning. On Monday, we will all be together face to face again. We may feel a mixture of emotions about this, which is why we should be kind to ourselves. Wake up with the ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ routine below:


Wellbeing – Read the story above with Miss Stevens, called ‘In This Together’. Some of us have have been learning at home for a while and now it is time to return to school. Let’s think about how we have felt about all the things that have happened. If you are already at School, it is time to return to our usual classes and welcome back our friends!

Now, let’s think about how we feel about these changes. Here is a word bank with some useful feeling words: 

sad worried 


calm relaxed






Then complete the worksheet in the resource section.


English – Wanted Poster  

Design a Wanted Poster for a Pirate. 

You can use the famous pirate you found out about on Wednesday or make up your own.   

Complete the activity from the Resources section. 


Phonics/SPAG –  




Maths – Visit:


and watch the lesson ‘Draw 2D shapes’


Complete the Maths activity/s.




Art – 


P.E – Follow along with the Cosmic Yoga adventure. Move around safely by making sure you rest or stop if you need to. Wear proper sports clothing and have some water and an adult, nearby. Send in a video of your moves, if you have time!



Watch the story at the end of the day, here:



I am so excited to see you all on Monday. Remember the rules we talked about during the Zoom meeting. When you come into School, you will need to go and wash your hands and then take your seat in Yellow Class, just like before. Don’t forget water bottles, coats and a packed lunch, if you need one. 


Have a lovely weekend and see you at 9 o’clock!