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Welcome to Green Class!

Hello again to all EYFS parents and children! We hope you are continuing to stay safe and well! We all miss you so much! We hope you are enjoying the new home learning, videos and challenges that we are setting every Monday on Tapestry and our school’s website. Thank you also for all the lovely uploads on to Tapestry. Receiving the photos of the children are really making us smile! Keep them coming! Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to complete some of the activities we put on the website last week. Here are a few more things you can do this week. Please remember the time you spend together as a family is also valuable, with those important life skills being taught every day.


This week we will be concentrating on the book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carl. You can read the book on PowerPoint that is attached below, or you can watch the story on YouTube:

Talk about what happens in the story at the beginning, middle and the end. Who is the author and illustrator? Talk about where the story is set and who are the main characters. Ask the children to give their opinion on the story – did they like it? Can they say why? Could they put an adjective in to describe the foods or the caterpillar himself?  Also, could they describe the butterfly. Could they add an adverb to how the caterpillar ate the food, made things or how things were eaten e.g. quickly.


  • Can you retell the story using a story map? You can try and draw your own story map or you can use google to find one. 
  • Can you write a sentence to go with each day of the week? For a challenge, can you add and adjective to describe the food that caterpillar ate each day? Eg., ‘On Monday he ate one sticky lollipop.’ If you want, you can use the booklet to write your sentences in (attached below) or you can draw a picture and write sentences underneath it.
  • Can you make a list of all the foods the hungry caterpillar ate through? Use your phonics sound mats to help you do this. 
  • Can you write the days of the week in order? Worksheet is attached below.
  • Can you write a book review? Worksheet is attached below.
  • Play a sentence game. Fill in the gaps with the correct word in the sheet attached below.
  • Have a go at the true or false quiz of the book. PowerPoint is attached below.


You can access reading books on Oxford Owl website

Press on My Class Login. If your child is in Green class your username: green class 2020, password: greenclass. If your child is in the Blue Class your username: blue class 2019, password: blueclass.


Here are some games you can play:

Login to Phonics Play:   

Username: march20  Password: home   

Link 1:

Select phase 3, if your child is struggling go back to phase 2. 

Link 2:

Select phase 3, if you find your child is struggling go back to phase 2. If you want a  challenge select phase 3  mixed vowel phonemes.



You can recap Phase 2 and Phase 3 phonics. You could use BBC Bitesize and Phonics Play (the links are below). See if your child can find any objects around the house with your given sound and then can she/he write the word? Focus on segmenting and blending the sounds together. Do not forget to practise the phase and tricky words if your child can read them start writing them.

Use these links to practise your tricky and sight words:

Have a go at these games.  Can you spot the sound blends and complete the words with the correct sound? 

Link 1:

Link 2:



This week we are still concentrating on the numbers up to 20. This week’s challenge is subtraction within 20. There are some PowerPoints and worksheets attached below. If your child can count reliably with numbers from 1 to 20, try counting backwards 10-0, 20-0. Then you can move on to using quantities and objects, to subtract two single-digit numbers and count back to find the answer. You can use pompoms/pasta/beads/sweets/lego/toys to illustrate and solve problems involving subtraction. If your child is not confident with numbers up to 20 yet, try numbers up to 10 or even 5.

Understanding the world:

You can look at the PowerPoint (attached below) and a video about the butterflies.

  • Talk about the lifecycle of the butterfly. Explain that as they grow, they undergo one seriously terrific transformation – a process known as ‘metamorphosis’. 
  • Can you write a sentence about each part of the life cycle of a butterfly? Work sheet is attached below.
  • Cut and stick activity, can you remember the life cycle of butterfly? Work sheet is attached below.
  • You can play a game on Espresso Primary. School log in is ‘student12139’ and password is ‘limesfarm’:


Referring to ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ book talk to children about HEALTHY EATING. What is it? What does it look like? What should we be eating?

The Hungry Caterpillar was very busy in the story eating his way through different types of foods. But we are not happy with caterpillar’s diet, we think The Hungry Caterpillar needs to eat a lot healthier and make better choices about what he puts inside his body. 

Can you talk to your child about the different types of foods the caterpillar ate - can they list them/describe them/try them? You can learn about food groups from the links below

Here are some questions to go through:

1. Which item of food is your favourite? 

2. What should we be eating more of and what should we be eating less of? 

3. What does ‘healthy’ mean?  

4. What does unhealthy mean?  

5. Can you list 3 foods which are healthy?  

6. Can you list 3 foods which are not healthy?  

7. Can you think of a recipe you can make that will have all 3 of the healthy food items you have chosen?  

Activity 1: The worksheet is attached below (if you do not have a printer you can draw the food out). Can you sort the food into the categories (healthy, a mixture of both and unhealthy food)?

Activity 2: Now it is your chance to use the information you have gathered about healthy eating and make your own dish to show us. Get your apron on, wash your hands and lets see what you come up with. You can take a photo of the final product, writhe the recipe out or make a step to step video and share with us on Tapestry.



Get moving! You could follow Joe Wicks live at 9am, cosmic kids yoga or go on a walk/run/bike ride with your family.

or you can have a go at one of the activities from this website:

Have a go at learning these dances and get your adults, sisters, brothers to join in too.



Have a look at this website for some of the activities to boost your children’s and your own mental health.


Arts and crafts:



  • You can try and make a fruit pizza. Instructions are attached below.
  • Some other craft ideas are attached below.

Online Safety Tasks


With the children learning from home, please continue to be vigilant about how to keep safe online.


To assist you with this, please go to the following website and work through these age appropriate lessons.


Please also read the story posted below, named 'DigiDuck', with your child.

We will not be setting up any homework over the half term. We attached some booklets below if you wish to do them over the holiday. Don’t forget to have lots of fun!!!!! We hope we will see you all very soon!

If you have any questions or enquiries do not hesitate to contact us via our emails or Tapestry.


Keep safe and well!!!!

Miss Taylor and Miss Samsonovaite