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In this subject we focus on teaching the 5 key principles of historical understanding. The children need to understand and use chronology, interpretation, enquiry and organisation as well as gaining knowledge of people and events from the past.


In the Foundation Stage children are encouraged to draw on immediate family history and use their own past experiences and stories to explore basic concepts of history.


In Key Stage 1 pupils learn about life ‘then and now’ by investigating how life was different for children over 100 years ago.  Pupils explore the historical background and way of life of people in the past beyond living memory. Lives of famous men and women (e.g. Tim Peake, Neil Armstrong, Amy Johnson, Guy Fawkes, Samuel Pepys, Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole) and different past events (The Great Fire of London, the Invention of Flight, the Moon landing, Life in a Castle) are taught.


Children are encouraged to develop historical vocabulary and ask questions about the past. They use and explore many different sources of information and are encouraged to challenge information with their own ideas.