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Monday - Home Learning Update

Every Monday, we will update you with some new resources to continue your home learning journey.


Each day you'll find a new set of daily activities to get involved with. Qualified Twinkl teachers will provide book readings, live lessons, positive news updates and more. We'll be bringing you activities from our partners too, to help fill your days and offer some much-needed variety. 

Activities will be listed the day before - giving you enough time to get prepped and set up for the next day's learning.

Find your own approach. Don't worry about recreating school at home. But - if you're looking for ideas, or a way of adding a bit of routine into your day, you'll find it here


To help with Reading there is the free app below.


The app is called Fonetti and is the worlds first listening book.  Please follow the link.


Watch this space every Monday, for new ideas and resources to support your children.