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Newsletter 19th June

Dear Parents/Carers,


Well that’s the end of our second week of Opening to More Children and it certainly has been as successful as our first week. The children seem to be really enjoying it and I’ve had a few comments along the lines of ‘this has been the best day ever’.  For us, as teachers, it’s very unusual and feels very alien to us to teach in the way we are having to; but it just shows you how adaptable and resilient your children are, and you should be very proud of the way they have taken on board the rigorous safety features that are in place.


Parents who have children in school already

Please could I remind all parents whose children are coming into school that there are very strict rules and guidance that need to be adhered to. All of these items are on my letters of both 22nd May and 4th June. These can be found on the website and have been left as Word documents so that you can use Google Translate.  We have these rules in place to keep everyone safe, please respect them.


Parents in Reception and Year 1 who are thinking of their children returning

Could I remind you that if you wish your Reception and Year 1 children to be allotted a bubble, you need to contact by 3pm on Wednesday of every week. You must then wait until the following week to bring your child in, you cannot come on the Thursday and Friday of the same week. We have to prepare and plan for your children and this gives us time to again ensure everything and everyone is safe. 



Plans are now underway to have every child participate in transition during the week of 13-17th July. We plan to have a small session for a small amount of children to say goodbye to their old teacher and say hello to their new one and to know their new class.  There will be approximately 4 sessions each day for different classes over the week. We will let you know more as soon as it is finalised. We are also looking to invite Nursery leavers to a ‘wave goodbye’.


New Reception Intake

Miss Taylor and I are looking to plan how the new Reception children will come into school in September and also the usual New Reception Intake Parent Meeting that we have.  It would seem that it is now going to need to be in September rather than us being able to accommodate this in June/July as normal. We hope to provide details of this soon.  As with everything at the moment, we are always awaiting Government Guidance and the plans for September is no exception, and as this is such a fluid situation is subject to change.  


Reminder – end of Term

School ends to all Reception and Year 1 bubbles other than the Essential Worker bubble on 10th July. Please do not bring your children beyond this date, other than for their transition time.

Essential Worker children will end School on 17th July and in order that we do not cross contaminate any children or bubbles, they will be said goodbye to by their teacher within this bubble and said hello to by their new teacher in this bubble, unless you decide that they would only come in for their transition time that week. If you do decide this, please could you email Louise Jenkins on the above email to advise of this.


Thank you for your ongoing support, please stay safe.


Kind Regards,

Ann Grisley