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Online Safety Warning - The 2 Johns

Urgent Online Safety Update from John and John 

"Warning Regarding Children Playing ROBLOX and broadcasting live on TIKTOK.

We are sending this message out in the hope that parents will be able to check their children's use of ROBLOX and TIKTOK, to make sure they aren't being exploited.

Over the past week it has become a significant trend for Childrento use TIK TOK Live to broadcast via Live Stream, to numerous strangers.

Children are posting videos on TIKTOK and then promise to golive if they can hit the required 1000 followers on TIKTOK. Once they go 'Live', they can then connect in real time with everyone.

Many children are now Live Streaming themselves playing themassively popular game 'Adopt Me' in ROBLOX. They are usingtheir Live Stream to shout out for followers to play with them on ROBLOX, in particular on 'Adopt Me'"

More information can be found on their Facebook page here:

If you would like more help from 'The 2 Johns', there is a free meeting you can get involved in. I will post more details about this, in the March Computing Newsletter.

Thank you