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Weekly Monday Update - Home Learning

Every Monday, we will be uploading some useful websites and resource, to support Home Learning.


As we are now coming up to Easter, there are many fun activities that can be completed at home. Remember, you must take a break and enjoy yourselves as best you can.


That being said, the latest website we found helpful is;


Here, you can find lots of help with Maths for each year group. There are brilliant activities and learning screens to support both you and your children.


Also, please take a look at;


Here, you can login using the free details and have access to Phonics learning materials and lots of fun games. The children often enjoy these games in school.


Finally, our final tip this week is to look at the website Espresso.


The school has a subscription which enables children to login from home. The login details are as follows;


Username: student12139

Password: limesfarm 


Please keep an eye out for next week's update and any new Online Safety Information.