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Opening to More Children June 2020

Letter about Opening to More Children Monday 8th June

Letter of 22nd May 2020 in Word format for 'goggle translation' if needed

A new way of schooling!


Please can you remember that this is as new for us as it is for you, and therefore please remember to be patient, kind and understanding.  In time, things will get quicker but initially we need to do this carefully. Thank you for your support. 



When you get to School, things will be a little different from normal.


You will need to line up next to your child, making sure you are in the allocated spaces.


There are some handy floor markings to help you keep your distance.You must only stay to the right, towards the building. Please remember to socially distance whilst waiting in the queue.


You will be met at the top of the queue (from 2m away). You will need to say your goodbyes at this point. You then stand by the "Parent" sign  and your child stand by the "child" sign. You advise a staff member of your child's name whilst your child's temperature is taken and if at a safe temperature will be asked to enter the building. You must then leave via the double gates in the car park.  Do not stop to chat to anyone.   


Unfortunately we can no longer permit any Parents/Carers into the School. If you need to advise us of something urgent please tell the member of staff when giving your child's name. You can also ring the school or email.  


The photo below shows how the markings look.



Once your child enters the building, they will be guided by members of staff, stationed in different areas.


Children will be asked to keep their distance from each other and the adults around the School.


They can use the blue arrows for walking around. This is our new one way system.


Staff will be supporting children to reach their new classrooms, as they may be different from before.





Children will be guided to collect their lunches at an allocated time. They will wait in a queue, standing on the green X markings. These markings are all 2m apart.


Once they've collected them, they will return to their classrooms and eat their lunches at their tables.


When all children have finished, they will then be guided to queue again. This will be done in the same way, so they can dispose of rubbish safely.


Please look at the lunch options below and discuss with your child, so they can make their choices easily at School. As always, the children will be supervised.


Lunch Menus

 The Playground


The play equipment has now been roped off. Please show the below photo to your child, so they are aware of the differences. All bubbles have been allocated a different part of the playground to play in so that cross contamination is avoided




Your child may possibly be in a new classroom, within their new bubble.


As you can see, there have been some changes made. All desks are 2m apart and we have used tape to mark out different zones.


Take some time to familiarise yourselves with the changes below.

End of the School Day


When you are coming to collect your child, you will have an allocated time.


Please aim to arrive at the School at this time only. The children will be exiting the School in stages, with their bubble.  


It is important that these bubbles  do not mix. We therefore ask that you arrive at the time requested. Children will exit via the Nursery ramp, as pictured below. Please again line up using the one way system and wait at the stop sign until the bubble leader has seen you and can send your child down.  We might need you to go to the end of the line again if your child is not in the time frame of the exiting bubble so that we can smoothly exit the children.


Please keep in mind that timings are very important, so we can ensure a safer pick up transition.


Once you have your child, remember to greet them happily and then walk yourselves out of the school via the double gates. Do not stop to talk to anyone else and ensure your child remains with you.  Remember to keep 2m apart at all times, even when waiting at the end of the day. You must line up you cannot stagger yourselves around the car park like we did back in March.  It has to be carried out in a controlled and safe manner.