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Pupil Perspectives - Quotes from the Children about our School

The Children wanted to share what makes our School a fantastic place to be!


Here are some of their wonderful quotes.........


'It is a magical and safe place' Lily, Red Class.



'I like it here because we do fun Maths' Stefan, Yellow Class.



I like drawing' Kristen, Green Class.



'I like that we can choose what to eat'. Lilee-May, Violet Class.



'It is a fantastic place to learn in' Manya, Red Class




'I like School because we learn things we don't know' Mathias, Yellow Class.


'I like the car things when we drive' Tate , Green Class.



'I like learning and doing my work' Max, Violet Class. 



'I like School because of all the equipment we use' Kamari, Yellow Class.


'I like playing in the playground and drawing' Tammy, Orange Class.


'I like coming to School because my teacher is funny.' Archie, Violet Class.



'We all look forward to learning' Brian, Red Class



'I like Mrs Tutty- Lyons teaching me' Lillie, Orange Class. 


'I like I can see my friends'  Bonnie, Green Class.




'I like that I can play outside' Lily, Orange Class




'I like my School because the teachers explain what we need to do clearly'. Sahana, Yellow Class. 



'I like the bikes' Daniel, Green Class



'I enjoy learning and School is so much fun' Railey, Red Class



'I like Miss Stevens because she is a good teacher' Rhine, Yellow Class



'I like the home corner' Elaina,Green Class




'It is a safe place for us to learn and be with our friends' Lacey, Red Class