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Safeguarding Advice For Parents/Carers

Online safety is as important as ever in the lead up to the festive season with new technology and gadgets high on the wish list for many young people this Christmas. The Essex Safeguarding Children Board (ESCB) are reminding parents and carers that if their child does receive new technology for Christmas, it’s important to set up devices correctly to keep them safe when online.


And of course, it's not just about when things go wrong. You can help your child to stay safe by creating an environment in which they feel able to speak openly about concerns they may have. You can do this by making good internet habits a part of your daily lives by limiting screen time, no devices at dinnertime/bedtime and by taking an active interest in the games they're playing and their social media influences.


You don’t need to talk to your pre-schooler about online safety yet, right? Wrong.


If you treat online safety just as you would treat road safety, then talking about safe internet use becomes the norm and not something that they feel needs to be hidden as they get older. So if they are worried about something they have seen online they can feel confident in talking to an adult about their concerns. 


Please watch the video below

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