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School Development Plan 2021-2024

Key Priorities 2021-2022

Links with EFSPT Priorities

Priority 1

Quality of Education


Improve the quality of education to be consistently Good by: 

  • Embedding the changes and approaches of the school creative curriculum implemented in 2020, with a particular focus on Reading, Phonics and Foundation subject areas. 
  • Implementing and evaluating the impact of the school post COVID-19 response plan and adaptations to the curriculum and children's health and wellbeing. 
  • Strengthening the use of assessment to more precisely identify and remove barriers to learning using intervention based on research. 
  • Ensuring that all leaders use assessment and monitoring of all subjects to identify and plan proactively to close gaps in knowledge, understanding and skills from baseline measures at transition. 
  • Ensuring that additional intervention for SEND and disadvantaged pupils is timely, purposeful and has a clear impact on progress. 
  • Principles of high quality teaching and learning are consistently embedded throughout the school Ensuring all outcomes are at least in line with national measures and increasingly achieve beyond targets.
  • Evolve the schools remote learning provision, building on the successes of the previous lockdown.

Priority 2

Behaviour and Attitudes


Sustain the Behaviour and Attitudes of pupils to be consistently  Outstanding by :

  • Implementing Trauma Perceptive Practice across the school so that it permeates all aspects of school life.
  • Strengthening  wellbeing across the school to more precisely identify and support families through the school website, workshops, partnerships with other agencies and providing signposts to wider services both in and out of school, removing barriers to learning and increasing attendance and engagement in education. 
  • Further developing the quality of the outdoor areas for play and learning for physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Further developing the lunch time provision for all pupils so that all pupils feel happy, safe and engaged in healthy eating and strong relationships at play. 

Priority 3

Personal Development


Sustain the Personal Development of pupils to be consistently Outstanding  by:

  • Embedding the changes to the statutory RSE curriculum, working closely with staff and parents to understand and apply the changes.
  • Strengthening the wider curriculum learning for all pupils, with a focus on online safety and awareness, to more closely educate pupils on current online safety issues, online peer on peer abuse,stranger danger and how to make positive choices to keep themselves safe online.
  • Enhancing the wider curriculum offers to ensure pupils and the wider community have a stronger understanding of British Values, celebrating diversity,having mutual respect for the beliefs and values of others including an awareness of global issues in the wider world.

Priority 4

Leadership and Management


Improve the effectiveness of Leadership and management to consistently Good: 

  • Ensuring the whole school community has a culture of safeguarding and understands the particular local risks for pupils. 
  • Improve the effectiveness of Governance Practice to better understand the EIF enabling them to  more effectively evaluate the Quality of Education received by pupils.
  • Middle Leadership is further strengthened with a particular focus on the Deep Dive and monitoring strategies. 
  • Ensuring that highly effective CPD drives school improvement and is available for all staff and Governors via EFSPT and through school brokered support. Ensure Professional Development is research-informed and progressive for all stakeholders; all staff participate actively in lifelong learning and taking ownership of the development of their talents and skills, through an evolving National and Trust provision.
  • Generate a whole school approach to the Leadership pathways programme and the Early Career Framework.

Priority 5


Improve the effectiveness of EYFS provision to be consistently Good by: 

  • Implement the new EYFS Curriculum ensuring it meets the needs of pupils based on their baseline assessments. 
  • Middle Leaders improve their understanding of their subject in EYFS.
  • Strengthen High Quality Teaching across the EYFS to ensure the Gaps are narrowed across all groups of children, with a particular focus on Speaking, Listening and Early Reading.