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Teaching Reading

At Limes Farm Infant School and Nursery we want all our pupils to develop a love of reading so they will become life long readers. We provide a selection of good quality literature in each classroom with opportunities for all children to borrow books from the school or class library. Story time is a regular feature throughout the school. Children are taught how to use non fiction books with support from the local library with whom we have strong links.


All our reading books are carefully graded by reading levels known as book bands. Each child chooses a book from the band that matches their ability. Each band contains a variety of fiction and non-fiction books from a range of reading schemes. Children take home their reading book each night so they can read to another adult. The reading record that accompanies their reading book is where teachers, Learning Support Assistants and parents/carers note down comments about the child’s reading, with lots of praise to encourage them.


Teachers and Learning Support Assistants regularly hear the children read individually. ‘Guided Reading’ sessions also take place regularly where a small group with similar reading expertise reads the same text independently and then with the teacher’s guidance discusses the text to develop their comprehension strategies.


When it is felt that a child is ready to progress to the next band, the classteacher will assess the child by asking them to read an unseen text and then answer questions about their reading. This is because it is important for the child to be able to understand a text as well as being able to read it.

To support the acquisition of reading skills, all children have  daily taught sessions of phonics. We have a systematic synthetic phonics programme at Limes Farm Infant School which has been devised to suit the needs of our children, using Letters and Sounds as well as incorporating the actions from the Jolly Phonics scheme.