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W/C 27.09.21

Ask your child what is a map? What different maps can we use? Challenge: How do we use a map? Discuss the purpose of different types of maps such as a tube map and world map 


How can we find our school on a map? Use Google Maps to model how to locate the school on a street map. (If Google Maps is not available, use a large street map to show the key features . Pinpoint key features or landmarks of the surrounding area e.g. local park, football ground, leisure centre, shops, bus station and those relevant to our our local area. Model how to change from a street map to Google Street View. What differences do you notice between the street map and a street view of an area? Discuss what they recognise around our school. Do the children walk past these things? Do you live close to school? Do you live far away? Use directions to see a near and far address from school to help develop this concept.


Activity to complete

Can you write or draw 3 places that are nearby?