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W/C 27.09.21

Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival | Read by Teacher Charla

Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival Read by Teacher Charla

This week we will be reading the story Perfectly Norman. Norman was perfectly normal until the day that he suddenly grew wings.  At first, he absolutely loved them, but then he started to worry about how other people would feel about his amazing wings. So he carefully tucks them under a big coat, out of sight of his friends and family. Hiding them makes him feel miserable and unable to join in. He finally gets the courage to let them out and when he does his act inspires other children with wings to take flight. Norman has discovered that there is no such thing as perfectly normal, but he is perfectly Norman, which is ‘just as it should be’.


Task one- Discuss how Norman feels when he gets his wings, Why does he hide them away? How is he feeling when he does this? Discuss with your child times when they have felt, worried, embarrassed or different like Norman does when he gets his wings. Write some sentence that describe how Norman felt and why he felt like this. Use the word because in your sentence like this:  Norman felt worried because he thought everyone would look at him.


Task 2- Read the book again. Ask your child to pay close attention to the different feelings Norman has when he wears his coat and when he takes if off. Using the Tuesday resource, sort the feelings into the two circles. Encourage your child to write a sentence comparing Norman with his coat on and off like this: When Norman wears his coat he feels........ When he takes if off he feel.....

Task 3-. Look at an image of Norman with his wings Ask your child to verbally describe how Norman, looks, moves. After discussion ask them to write sentences describing Norman using a range of interesting adjectives. Don’t forgot full stops and capital letters

Tasks 4- Remind your child of the end of the book when Normal learns the lesson that being normal isn’t important; he just needs to be perfectly Norman. Talk to your child about what makes them unique and perfectly them. Ask your child to write some sentences about what makes them special.