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W/C 6.9.21

Our book of the week is called 'The Colour Monster'. Watch and listen to the story below.

The Color Monster - Read Aloud by Mr. Joshua Brooks


Monday 6th September

WALT: understand feelings


With your child, discuss the feelings we read about in the story and discuss how the colour can represent the different feelings.


Ask them: What makes them happy?

How do you feel when you are sad?

What makes you feel angry?

How does it feel when you are calm?


Task: Using the worksheet below, match each coloured monster to the correct feeling. Use your sounds to find the initial sound in each word to help you match them correctly.

Tuesday 7th September

WALT: understand feelings


Listen to our story of the week again. 

With your child, discuss each feeling and what it means. You can also discuss the colour that matches the feelings.


Have a look at the jars with the different feelings. Look at each jar and remind yourself what each jar represents. 

Think about what makes you feel that way and why e.g. The happiness jar. I feel happy when I go to the park after school. etc.


Task: For each jar, think about what makes you feel that why and why. Draw a picture of what you feel in each jar. For a challenge, you could use your sounds to help you label what is in each picture.


Wednesday 8th September

WALT: design your own colour monster


Recap the feelings throughout the story.  You might want to read the story again to remind you.


Think about when the monster changed colour? Why did he change colour?


Can you think of any more feelings? What colour do you think you would be if you were tired? Hungry? Etc.


Task: First, design your own colour monster using a different emotion. You might want your monster to be a different colour or have a unique pattern. 

Then, write sentences about your monster e.g. My monster is ____ because it feels _____.

Can you use because to explain what makes you feel that way?

Thursday 9th September

WALT: write about feelings


Ask your child to retell the story to you in their own words. You can use the video of the tory to prompt them. Discuss the feelings from the story. 


Ask them how the monster is feeling when he is yellow. How is he feeling when he is blue? How do we know this?


Task: Write sentences about the colour monster and when he changes colour e.g. He is sad when he is blue. etc. Encourage your child to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. They can also use their sounds to sound out any tricky words or use the word banks to help them.