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Week beginning 05.07.21

This week we will be looking a poetry. We be looking at different types of poems, and throughout the week we will be writing our own!


Monday 5th July

WALT: write an acrostic poem


The first time of poem we will be looking at is an acrostic poem. We have looked at this before. You can work through the powerpoint below to see if you can recognise any features of an acrostic poem.


Did you recognise any features?


The first letter of each line spells out the poems theme.


As we have been learning all about our wonder planet this half term, today we are going to be writing a poem about Earth.

On a piece of paper put 






diagonally going down. Think of a work beginning with the first letter that related to our theme.

 Here is an example:

Everyone loves the Earth

A beautiful place for us all

Really cool things for us to see

The best place to be

How lucky are we!


Now it is your turn to have a go!

Tuesday 6th July

WALT: rhyme 


Today we will be looking at rhyme. Can you remember what rhyming is? Rhyming is when words sound similar by have the same ending sound, but the first letter of the words are different e.g. cat, bat, mat etc.


Have a look through the powerpoint to practice more rhyming words.

Have a go at completing finding some rhyming words for the pictures, and then filling in the poem to make a rhyme about an animal.

Now, have a go at complete these poems about Earth. Make sure you read the poem carefully to see where the rhyming words go.

Wednesday 7th July

WALT: write your own rhyming poem


Yesterday we looked at rhyming words and looked at some poems about Earth.

How many words can you think of that rhyme with log?


Today we are going to be writing our own poems about Earth. Here are some of them:

We recycle we recycle

Yes we do yes we do

Caring for our planet caring for our planet

You should too.


Save save save the cans

Put them in the recycling bin

We can save the planet

If we all join in.


What do you notice about the rhyming words in these poems?


The rhyming words are after every other line. 


For our poems today, we will be continuing our theme 'Earth'. Use your senses to think about what we can smell, see, hear. Also think about what you love about our world. You might want to write these in a list to remind you.


Now our task is to write our own poem. Look at my example to help you:
I look up and I see the sun,

I know life on Earth is so much fun.


All around me is tall green trees,

I can hear some happy buzzing bees.


You can use the template below to help you write your poem!


Thursday 8th July 

WALT: perform a poem


Today we are going to be perform the poems we have written. Read through the poem you wrote yesterday about Earth.


Now, go through the powerpoint to see how you can make your performance even better. Make sure you have a loud, clear voice so everybody can hear you.


You can then perform your poem to somebody at home. You can also film your performance and share it with us on dojo!