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Week beginning 10.5.21

This week we are investigating the weight and mass of objects.

Monday 10th May

WALT: introduce weight and mass

Can you think of any words you can use to describe the weight of an object?


Have a look at the objects on the balancing scales in the PowerPoint and discuss which ones you think are lighter/heavier? How do you know?


Have a look around your home. Choose a few objects and decide which words you can use to describe their weight. You could send me pictures of you doing this on Class Dojo!

Tuesday 11th May

WALT: measure weight 


Today we are going to be estimating and measuring the weight of objects. To measure the weight of objects we will be using non-standard unit such as cubes, bricks etc. You can choose anything you like at home. If you have scales, these will come in useful too!


Choose the objects you would like to measure and estimate (Guess) how much it will weigh in the non-standard unit you have chose.

Once you have estimated the weight of the objects, if you have scales you could measure if your estimation was correct.


Measuring the weight of a glue stick

I estimate the book weighs 30 pencils.

You could then use your scales to measure the weight of both and see if your estimation was correct!

Wednesday 13th May

WALT: compare weight


Today we are going to be comparing the weight of objects.

What words can we use to compare the weight of 2 objects?

We can say an object is heavier or lighter!


Go through the PowerPoint and compare the weight of the objects using heavier or lighter.

Now you can have a go at comparing objects around your house! Choose 2 objects and compare them. You could draw a picture of the 2 objects and write sentences to compare them. 


The glue stick is heavier than the scissors.

The scissors are lighter than the glue stick.

Thursday 14th May

WALT: measure weight


This week we have learnt about the Eid-Ul-Fitr festival.


Below is a recipe to make Coconut Squares. If you have scales, you could measure the weight of the ingredients needed and have a go at making some yourself!