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Week beginning 14.6.21

This half term we will be learning about the method of printing. You will need paints in order to do this. Today you will also need string and glue.


Learning Objectives- Print using sting


Remind your of last week’s art lesson. Which technique did we use to create our tree pictures? Discuss what is important when we print. Ensure your child remembers that we must make sure the object is covered in paint and that we must press down firmly and not allow the object to move otherwise our print will smudge.


Explain that today we will be using string to create our prints. To create a sting print we will need to complete this in two stages.


Firstly we will need to glue the string onto some cardboard to allow us to print with them. Your child will need to put PVA glue onto their card and then manipulate the sting to form the pattern of their choice.


After the string has dried the children can use this to print their pattern onto paper.


You can create as many string patterns to print with as you like. Use them to create an interesting print pattern.