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Week beginning 17/06/21

Monday 14th June

WALT: make arrays


Today we will be continuing looking at equal groups and repeated addition, however we will be looking at arrays.



Go through the powerpoint to gain an understanding of what arrays are.


Arrays are a pictorial representation to help us understand multiplication. 


Have a go at this activity, counting each row and how many objects are in each one. 

Tuesday 15th June

WALT: make arrays


Yesterday we began looking at arrays. We counting the rows, and how many objects were in each row to find the total.


Go through today's powerpoint and then have a go and creating your own arrays on the worksheets.

Wednesday 16th June

WALT: make doubles


Today we will be looking at doubling numbers. This means we will be adding the same number twice to find the total. 


Go through the PowerPoint and then have a go at adding spots onto the lady birds body to find out the doubles. There are also some challenge cards were you have to find out which double makes a number!


Thursday 17th June

WALT: make doubles


Continuing on from our doubles activity yesterday, we will be looking at the total of each number doubled.


Did you notice a pattern yesterday of the total numbers?

1+1 =2




Can you continue the doubling and notice the pattern?



Go through the Powerpoint and then have a go and representing doubles in different ways!