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Week beginning 21.6.21

This week we will continue to learn about ways we can look after our environment. We will be looking at a new book for the next two weeks called Clean Up.


Monday: Today we will discuss the book.

Before reading the book look at the two front covers and ask your child.....

What do these two book covers have in common? How do you think they will be similar? Think about the characters and themes. How can you tell that both of these books are about the world we live in?

How does the main character feel about the world she lives in? How can you tell?

A book’s front cover gives the reader clues about the main character of the story. Look closely at the covers of Look Up! and Clean Up!. Then, make some predictions about the main character by filling in the blanks below.I think the girl pictured on both covers is feeling..... I think the girl is passionate about …I think an important theme for the girl might be …Three words I would use to describe the girl are.........

Read through the story discuss any new words. What does the story teach people? Do the children think that is important?

You can watch the story here


After you have discussed the questions your child might want to complete the fun activity below.

Tuesday: We are learning to write a recount

Remind the children of yesterday’s story. Rocket went on holiday to visit her Grandma and Grandpa. Has your child ever been on holiday somewhere to visit a relative? Where have they been? If they have not been on holiday to visit a relative they can discuss visiting a relative who lives in this country.

Ask your child to write all about their visits as a recount.

Explain that when they write their recount the things they will write about have already happened. This means they will need to be writing in past tense. Explain that because they are writing about themselves they will use the word I in their writing.

Explain that you would like your child to include in there writing.

Where they went

Who they went with

How they got there

What they did

Did they have anything to eat?

What did they enjoy the most about their visit?

Wednesday: We are learning to write speech and thought bubbles

Watch the story together again. Pause at the page where the turtle needs to be rescued from the plastic. How do they think the turtle must be feeling? Why do they think the whales do not come to the beach anymore?

Encourage your child to think about the impact that pollution has on our seas. Show some images of animals in the ocean surrounded by plastic.


In the story there is litter and plastic all over the beach. What kind of problems does this cause for creatures that live in the sea?


Share some ideas such as- sea creatures eating the plastic, and sea creatures getting tangled in the plastic.

Think about the Whale and the turtle again. Imagine if they could speak aloud, like humans can! Act in role as either a whale or a turtle, describing your thoughts about plastic pollution and humans leaving litter on the beach. What do you think these creatures would say if they could? What must the animals be thinking? Ask your child to share their ideas before they write them down.

Children to complete two speech bubbles and one thought bubble for the animals using the sheet below.

Thursday: We are learning to write a character description

Ask your child who the main character of our story is? Do they think she is a good or a bad character? What does she do that makes them think this? Encourage them to share their ideas with you. I think she is good because......


Today we are going to describe the character Rocket. When we describe someone we can describe what they are like on the outside as well as the inside. We will use adjectives to describe her and because to explain why we think something.


First lets start by describing what Rocket looks like. Start the sentence with... Rocket is a girl with brown curly hair. Ask your child for another description share their ideas.

Keep up leveling ideas and challenging your child to use a range of interesting adjectives.


Now lets describe what she is like on the inside. Remind your child of how we can use the word because to explain our ideas. I think she is kind because she looks after the turtle that is stuck in the plastic. Ask your child to share some of their own ideas.


Support your child to complete the character description template. Explain that they must use because in their writing to explain their ideas.