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Week beginning 26/04/21

Remind your child of the work we completed last week when we discussed symbols and objects that are important to Christians, you can look at this PowerPoint again if you would like to.


Look at the pictures on the sheet. Ask your child what they think the pictures are representing, they should recognise these are from Easter and Christmas story which your child has learnt about before. If you can print the images then spread the pictures out and discuss what each picture is of and then how they would sort them. After you have discussed the pictures begin to sort them into groups using the Venn diagram sheet. Alternatively your child could draw the pictures to help them with sorting.

Ask your child to stick the pictures sorting them into groups.  Hopefully, children will work on sorting into Christmas and Easter symbols and maybe will ask how to sort the angel and the donkey as they appear in both stories. Show your child how the middle of the Venn diagram is used if the image can belong in both groups.