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Week beginning 28.6.21

This week we will continue to look at the story Clean Up.


Reread the story or watch it again on you tube to remind your child of what happens in the story.


In the story, Rocket assembles a ‘Clean Up Crew’. What does she do this for? What does she want the ‘Clean Up Crew’ to do?

Imagine if you went to the beach and saw that it too was covered in plastic! Imagine you need to organise a ‘Clean Up Crew’ just like the one in the story, to clean all of the litter off the beach. Explain that today we are going to create a poster encouraging people to join your ‘Clean Up Crew’. Do you remember when we created posters telling people to reuse their water bottles? What did we include? Remind children of commands and questions. What things could we say to persuade people to help us? Write these on the board. What other things should we include?


Include the following things:

Why the beach needs to be cleaned

A persuasive reason for people to help

Pictures of what the beach looks like

A snappy call-to-action!

You might want to include some of the facts mentioned in the story: 1. Whales eat the plastic and it makes them sick. 2. Nearly half the rubbish in the sea comes from careless people. 3. There are over 5.25 TRILLION pieces of plastic in the ocean.


Task- Create a poster persuading people to join your ‘Clean Up Crew’.


Now that our ‘clean up crew’ have done their job we will need to thank them for their help.

Today we are going to write a letter to them thanking them for their hard work and telling them how much better the beach looks now the rubbish has been cleaned away. What else should we include? Should we ask them if they will be able to help again if any more rubbish appears on the beach?

Share some ideas. Ask your child how we start a letter? Help with the structure and to extend their ideas.


Task- Write a letter to the ‘clean up crew’ thanking them, include details about how the beach looks now it has been cleaned. Have any more animals returned now? If your child needs additional support they can use the letter template to help them.

Wednesday- Read the story again with your child. Explain that today they are going to answer questions about what we have read.


Explain that we will need to read the questions on the sheet and then think about the story they have read over the last two weeks to be able to answer them.

Demonstrate how the questions should be answered using full sentences.


Task- Complete the comprehension task. Support your child with reading the questions on the sheet.

Thursday -Rocket, is a very curious, determined and strong person who wants to change the world and make it a better place. Think about what you’d really like to change about the world to make things better. Discuss together what you’d like to change.


The thing I’d like to change about the world is …

The reason I’d like to change it is …

It would help make the world a better place because …


Share ideas. Ensure your child is  answering the three questions in their responses.


Task- Use the template to write about what you would like to change.