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Week beginning 3/05/21

This week are are going to be learning how to compare and measure the length and height of objects.


Tuesday 4th May

Today we will be discovering new terminology we can use to compare the length/height of an object. Listen to this song to find out the new words we will be using. 

Have a look at the objects on this PowerPoint and discuss with an adult which objects are taller/shorter or longer

Have a go at your worksheet. You need to think objects that are bigger or smaller than the one I have given you.

Wednesday 5th May


Today we are going to having a go a measuring objects. Have a look around your house and find things you could measure with. You could use spoons, lego bricks, pencils etc.


Find something around your house you would like to measure. Make sure the objects you are measuring with are exactly in line with one end of the object with no gaps between them to get an accurate measurement!


You could document your measurements on this sheet.

Thursday 6th May


Today we are going to be measuring objects, but instead we will be using a proper unit of measurement called centimetres or cm for short. Have you heard of centimetres before? What do you think I could use to measure in cm?


We can use rulers to measure in cm! Have a look at this PowerPoint to find out how to use a ruler to measure in cm. Then you can have a go at your worksheet to find out how many cm's the objects are.

If you have a ruler at home, you could have a go at using it to measure objects around your house! You can show me your findings by filling in the table.