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Week commencing 14/06/21

Last week we learnt about toys from the past. Remember, past means an event or something that has already happened.


Can you remember any names of the old toys? Can you remember what material they are made out of?


This week we will be looking at toys of the present. Present means right now! These will be the toys that you play with every day.


Have a look around of your and gather a few of your favourite toys and look at the pictures of the old toys again.


Do you notice anything different about your toy to the old ones?

Are they the same material?

How does your toy move compared to the old toys?



Create a fact file for your toy! Tell me what it looks like, what it is, what it is made of, how it moves and think of a fun fact that I wouldn't know!

Then have a go at the powerpoint quiz and guess whether the toys are old or new!