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Week commencing 7/06/21

What do  you think the past means?

The past means something that has already happened.


We will be looking at toys from the past. They might be toys you do not recognise, or toys that you still play with today!


Below is a powerpoint and pictures of old toys you can go through to learn about old toys. Think about the materials they are made of, what they look like, how they move. 

Did you notice a difference between these old toys, to the toys you play with?
Can the old toys move by themselves? Do they have batteries?
What material are they mostly made out of? 

What colours are they?


Below is a timeline. A timeline is used to put events/things in a chronological order starting from the oldest across to the most recent.


Have a look through the old toy pictures and see if you can put them in the correct place on the timeline! You can use the dates on the pictures to help.