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Animal Kingdom

In English this half term we will be looking at texts based in different continents as well as creating our own riddles and taking part in discussions.


Our non fiction texts are:




Zoo discussions

Over 2 weeks, we will learn to form an opinion and structure a discussion. We will learn that a discussion is when we can share and discuss our opinions. We can all have our own opinion and their is no right or wrong answer.

Our discussion will be based on the question should animals be kept in Zoos.

We will spend time talking about the reasons why you may agree or disagree with Zoos, we will then write up our discussion and performed them to our peers.

By doing this the children will develop an understanding of tolerance. They will learn that people have different opinions and that this is fine. They will learn to articulate their ideas verbally before structuring them in their writing.


In Art this half term we will be looking at artwork from the different continents we are learning about in Geography.


We will learn to name and locate the seven continents of the world and learn about the weather and animals in each.



In Science we will learn to categorise and group animals.


Keep checking here to see some of our Artwork from this half term