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Week beginning 19/04/2021

Monday 19th April


Today we are counting in 2’s. That means we count every other number and skips some numbers. Have a look at the number grid. Count in 2’s and circle the numbers you would say counting in 2’s. I have done the first one for you.

Do you notice a pattern with the numbers? Do you notice anything about the ones of each number?


Now listen to this song to help you count in 2’s You can use your number grid to help you join in and count in 2’s along with the song.


Keep practising counting in 2’s using your number grid and the song to help you.

You can use your toys at home to help you, you could use pairs of socks, pairs of animals etc.


Counting the pairs of socks. Make sure you keep counting in 2’s. You can use your number grid to help you!

Tuesday 20th April


Have a look at your number grid from yesterday. Can you find all of the numbers we would say counting in 2's?

Is there a pattern? What do all of numbers end in? Explain these are all even numbers.


Go through the PowerPoint children to use their number grids to support their counting in 2’s and then complete today's worksheet where you will have to count in 2's to count the objects.

Wednesday 21st April



Today we are going in 5’s.

Have a look at the number grid. Can  you identify the numbers we would say counting in 5's on the splat square.

What do the numbers end in? Is there a pattern?


Task 1: Have a look at the number grid.

Yellow = counting in 2’s

Blue = counting in 5’s

Are there any numbers that are in both? Colour them in blue. 

What do you notice about those numbers?


Task 2: Counting in 5’s with numicon pieces.


Thursday 22nd April


Recap counting in 5’s.


Go through the PowerPoint, use their number grid from the week to support their counting in 5’s.


Complete your worksheet where you have to count in 5's to count the objects.