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The History of Flight

This half term we will have a history focus learning all about the history of flight. We will learn about significant people in history such as the wright brothers, Amy Johnson, Catherine Jonson and Neil Armstrong. 


In Science we will be learning about seasons. We will learn to name all four seasons and the order the come in. We will learn what the weather is like in each season and which months are in each season too


Please see our knowledge organisers below. You can help your child by discussing seasons with them using the vocabulary we will be using in school.


We will complete a mixture of Art and DT activities this half term related to our flight topic

In Art we will 


  • Create Aerial view pictures
  • Create pictures of astronauts
  • Create solar system pictures using pastels and chalk.


In DT we will 


  • Create astronauts with moving parts
  •  Create rockets using a variety of materials