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Week beginning 17/05/21

This week we will be continuing looking at the piece of art, 'A Tiger in a Tropical Storm' by Henri Rouseau.


Last week we created the grey, stormy background for our picture, as well as following a tutorial to sketch our tiger's. If you have not done this, you can do it now by clicking the link below. 

Now, we will be building the forefront of our pictures by looking at the leaves, trees and flowers that we can see. 


Take a look at the shapes of the tropical leaves below. Are they all the same size, shape and colour? 


or look at house plants or books and magazines with pictures of plants. If you have a garden, check with an adult to see if you are allowed to go out there. You could crouch down low and imagine that you were in a jungle yourself!

You could also collect the leaves and use them for your picture. 


Now it is your turn to have a go at drawing your leaves, trees and flowers!