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Story telling week


Throughout all of our history and across every culture, people have told each other stories for a variety of reasons – to inspire others, to share important morals and lessons or simply to pass the time. National Storytelling Week is a yearly event run by the Society for Storytelling that celebrates the tradition of storytelling and aims to inspire a whole new generation of storytellers.


National Storytelling Week provides a wonderful opportunity for you to highlight the importance of reading and storytelling. There’s no better time to get everyone together and appreciate the magic of a great story.

Story Telling at Limes Farm

Year 2 Story Telling Fun! We had lots of stories during different times this week. We explored some lovely websites so that we can watch lots of stories at home. We watched famous actors read popular stories on We also had a 'Teacher Swap' where another Teacher came to read with us. It was lots of fun!

Miss Samsonovaite read a story 'A Book with no Pictures' to Red Class.

Mrs Gannon and Miss Taylor read stories to Green Class.

Nursery enjoyed reading for pleasure and using props with the story Room on the broom by Julia Donaldson.