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Year 1 Remote Learning

Hi Orange and Violet Class! Each week the Teachers will be uploading tasks and activities, that can be completed at home, if needed. These tasks will reflect the learning in class, so no one misses out! 


We can be contacted via email or on Class Dojo, should you need any assistance. 


Please take a photo and send the work in via Class Dojo or your teachers email addresses below;  or


In Math this week we will be learning to recognise numbers  0-10. We will be counting forwards and backwards and will also be finding 1 more and one less then a given number. 


In phonics we have been recapping our phase 2 sounds. Last week we learnt s,a,t,p we are learning the sounds the letters make and using them to help us spell and read words.

This week we are learning the sounds i,n,m,d. The phonics play website is a great way to support your child's learning. 


We are learning to recognise primary and secondary colours. We are learning that we can mix colours to make new ones.