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Week beginning 05/01/2021

Wednesday 6th January


In R.E this half term we will be learning about special ways of living. As always we will focus the first two lessons on personal experience, then we will focus on special ways of living for Christians and then for Buddhist.


Lesson 1 (personal experience: learning from religion) 

WALT: know what is the ‘special’ pattern of their day and week.


Talk about the pattern of your child’s day and week. 

Ask your child to make a timeline of his/her day first of all – this can be done in words or pictures. You might want to use the visual cards provided to support your child with this. Next discuss the parts of the day that your child enjoys the most.


Think about how many days there are in a week. Do they do exactly the same thing every day? Are there any days of the week that are different from the others?


Are there special places that they go on certain days for example to a club such as Karate? or to a place of worship? Discuss these special patterns too.


Your child might like to draw the favourite thing that they do everyday and write a sentence to explain why they enjoy that particular thing the most.