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Week Beginning 1/3/21

This week we are going to be looing at the story ‘Christopher Nibble’. This is a story about a Guinea Pig who loves to eat dandelions! But, so do all of the other guinea pigs in Dandeville, and they eat so many dandelions until they are ALL GONE! Christopher Nibble helps save the day. You can listen to the story here

Monday 1st March

Your first  task is to think of some adjectives to describe the dandelions. Think about your favourite food and what words would you use to describe it? Are the dandelions juicy, sweet, crunchy, chewy?

Once you have created a list of adjectives, you are going to use them to create a listing to sell dandelions on the internet to the guinea pigs in Dandeville. They have no more dandelions to eat, but you have some you can sell to them. Use your amazing adjectives to persuade the guinea pigs to buy your dandelions.

Make sure you use full sentences, adjectives and pictures of your dandelions!


Tuesday 2nd March


Listen to the story again. Can you remember what type of animal Christopher Nibble is? He is a guinea pig!


Read the reading comprehension on How To Take Care Of A Guinea Pig and answer the questions about the text.

Wednesday 3rd March


Yesterday, we learnt about how to look after a guinea pig. Using all of the interesting facts that we learnt, I would like you to create your own poster about how to look after a guinea pig. You can look at the reading comprehension that we read yesterday for ideas, and you could also do your own research.
Looking at the RSPCA would be a great place to start:

You can create you poster using the template below, or you could create it on a piece of paper and send it to me!

Thursday 4th March

Today is World Book Day! Have a look on our World Book Day Page to find out how we are celebrating the day as a school whilst at home!