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Week beginning 12/04/21

This week we will be reading the story ‘We’re going on a lion hunt.’


Task 1 Discuss and predict

Look at the front page of this week’s story. Predict what the story might be about. Why do you think that? Discuss the title. What other book do we know like this? (we’re going on a bear hunt) What happens in that book? What do you think might happen in the book. Ask you child to make a verbal prediction.

Watch the video

Ask the children to think about what is similar and different between we’re going on a bear hunt and we’re going on a lion hunt

Watch the video again can your child join in the repetitive phrases. Discuss any unfamiliar vocabulary used in the text.


Task 2 Act out the story

Can you remember our book from yesterday? Can you remember what the children were trying to find? Which country were they in? Can you remember where they went on their adventure?

Explain that today when we watch the story we are going to add some sounds to make the story even more interesting show choose some objects that could make sounds that we can add to our story, such as pans, wooden spoon, pasta in a pot, water in a bottle. Decide which you think is suited best to which part.

Watch the story ask your child to add in the sound effects throughout the story- Can you make actions too?

Now your child is familiar with the story can they act it out and join in the repetitive phrases.


Task 3 Sequence the story

Discuss with your child what it means to sequence event.

Watch the story again and explain that today your child needs to listen very carefully to the story to remember what happens and the order it happens in. As you read ask the children what happens next? Can they remember?

Today’s task- Look the pictures  and ask your child to identify the first part of the story. What is happening in the picture, what will happen next?

Go through the pictures until the story is sequenced. When you have finished retell the story using the pictures to help you.

Task 4 Use adjectives to describe

Ask you child to tell you what n adjective is. Remind them if they are unsure. Look at the adjective PowerPoint to support with this.

Watch the story again - How do they describe the grass? The lake? The cave? Look back at the page in the story that describes the lion. Ask your child to help you identify the adjectives in the page.

Create a word bank of adjectives to describe the lion- challenge your child to think of synonyms for these words.

Now use these adjectives to create sentences to describe.

Task- Children to write a sentence to describe each of the scenes in the story and then complete a description of the lion.

They can use the template to support them if you feel this is appropriate.