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Week Beginning 22/2/21



This week we will be looking at the story Jack and the beanstalk. This is a story about a boy who plants a bean that grows into a huge beanstalk. Jack climbs the giant beanstalk which takes him above the clouds to a land where a Giant lives.


Listen to the story and discuss what happens in the book. Now listen to the story again can you add some actions to help you remember what is happening. Can you try to read the book yourself without the sound on? Talk about what you liked about the story, who was your favourite character? Did you enjoy the ending?


Complete the task showing what you know about the story so far.


Listen to the story of Jack and the beanstalk again and discuss what happens. Do you think Jack did the right thing taking the Giants harp and hen?  Was a good idea to steal from the Giant? What would you have done if you were the Giant? Why do you think the harp calls out to the Giant to help her?


Imagine you were the Giant and a boy has broken into your house and stolen two precious things from you. You would want to find him and get them back, so you are going to create a wanted poster to capture Jack.


Create a wanted poster for Jack. You must explain what he has done and what he has taken. Where was Jack last seen? What was he wearing? Make sure you say that you are really upset and want your things back so that people will help you to find him.



Watch the story of Jack and the beanstalk again this time pay close attention to what the Giant is like. Can you think of some adjectives (describing words) that we could use to describe him? I think the Giant was huge and ugly, he also didn’t seem very polite.


Today you are going to design your own Giant! Your Giant can be whoever you want it to be. Is it friendly or scary? Is it a girl or a boy? Do they live in a castle or in a cave? What will they wear? What do they like doing? Use your imagination.


To help you create you character first write down some adjectives that will describe them. Use your senses to help with your description. What does your Giant look like, smell like, sound like? Use interesting adjectives do not use the word big (that’s a bit boring) instead use huge, enormous,  gigantic, mammoth!


Some more ideas : Friendly, funny, beautiful, dazzling, bellowing, high pitched, colourful, ugly, hideous.


When you are happy that you know what your Giant will look like and what sort of person they are complete the work sheet drawing a picture of your giant and writing sentences describing them. 



Today you are going to become authors! You are going to write your own ending to the story! Who could jack meet when he climbs to the top of the beanstalk? Perhaps it is the Giant you designed yesterday? What might he see when he gets there? Will he steal something to take back to his mother or perhaps your giant might give him something to take back? What will happened at the end of the story will Jack and the Giant remain friends? Or will the bean stalk get chopped down?


Use the activity sheet to help you.