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Welcome to Red Class!

Please check this page every week for home learning tasks.

As it is half term this week, there will be no new Home Learning tasks uploaded.


Please take this opportunity to have a rest, play and try and enjoy a little time outside, if you can.


If you would like to complete a fun learning project, have a look at the below website


Here, you can create a 'Habitat Box', based on the learning from the past few weeks.


If you wish to show us your finished work, make sure you have signed up for Class Dojo.

Please email, if you haven't already created an account.

                                                       Writing Tasks


Task 1 Riddles

Today we are going to be reading some riddles. A riddle is a set of clues that you use to work out an answer. Our riddles are all about animals. Read through the riddles and solve them. Discuss with a grown up how you worked out the answer.


Task 2

Today is your turn to write your own animal riddles. Think about how you can describe the animal without making it too easy. Use what you have learnt about habitats to help you with your clues.


Task 3

Today we are going to use the conjunction but in our writing. You are going to make a comparison in your riddle like this; I move faster than a snail but slower than a cat. I have more than two legs but less than five. Also think about how we can make our riddles more detailed by using amazing adjectives.


Task 4

Please log on to Oxford Owl using our class log in. User name:tutty-lyons Log in:Limesfarm  

Please read the book animal magic and then complete the tasks after you have read the book. Write down some of the interesting facts you found out about the animals in the book.


Task 5

Animals live in habitats all around the world. Can you label the map of the world locating the seven continents (Use the song we have learnt to help you do this) which of these are hot or cold? Can you add some animals to each continent? You could draw them on or write the animal’s name. Can you draw the equator onto the map? Write a sentence describing the weather in each of the continents that you have placed the animals in.

If you do not have a printer then you can draw the continents and animals onto a sheet of paper.


There are 2 options for Y2 Maths this week. If you have computer or tablet access, you can use the Maths No Problem website. If you are working from a phone, please use the Multiplication & Division pack and write down the calculations. 


Maths No Problem

This is the program that we use in School, so the children are familiar with this. The website allows you to view the Year 2 Textbooks and Workbooks online, with answers. You will need a username and password to access this. If you would like to be signed up please email, with your full name and then follow the instructions sent via email.


The lessons you can look at this week are

 Textbook and Workbook 2A -  Chapter  4 -  Multiplication & Division.  You can work through this chapter at your own child’s pace. Please don’t feel the need to complete every lesson!


Multiplication Booklets


We have listened to Parents and Carers and understand that laptop and or tablet access is not always possible. Please click on the below PDF for access to Multiplication & Division calculations. If you do not have a printer, use some paper and pen to write out the calculations. 


Work through the booklet at your own pace. You do not need to finish all of it. 

Online Safety Tasks


With the children learning from home, please continue to be vigilant about how to keep safe online.


To assist you with this, please go to the following website and work through these age appropriate lessons.


Please also read the story posted below, named 'DigiDuck', with your child.

Foundation Subjects Ideas

Hello Everyone,


We hope you are all well and staying safe. There is a great new website named Oxford Owls, which you can find at


Here you can read books that are related to your colour level and complete some mini activities. I have created a class login so you can access this at home. The login details are;


Username: tutty-lyons
Password: Limesfarm


Please check this page and the 'Latest News' Section regularly, for more updates and ideas!


Mrs Tutty - Lyons & Mrs Langdell