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Monday 13th July 


Sadly, this is your last week of our school year. We cannot wait to see you all on Wednesday so we can say goodbye.


Task 1 - WALT: write questions

Think about some questions you would like to ask your new teacher. What would you like to know about next year?

Remember to use question words; what, where, when, who, why, how. 

Also, remember to use question marks.


Task 2 - WALT: write a letter

Write a letter all about you for your new teacher. Make sure you include lots of interesting things about yourself that you would like your teacher to now.


Task 3 - WALT: summer holidays

Draw a picture about what you would like to do during your summer holidays. Write about your pictures too.


Task 4 - WALT: say goodbye

Write a letter, or make a card, for a friend or teacher that has helped you this year. Remember to tell them what you have enjoyed this year, as well as what you will miss about them.


Task 5 - WALT: favourite memories

Complete this poster about your favourite memories of our time in Year 1. Reflect on all of the fantastic memories we have had this year!


Additional Resources

Maths  Year 1


There are 2 options for Y1 Maths this week, Maths No Problem or Y1 booklet below. Attached are questions and answers, below this page.





Maths No Problem

This is the program that we use in School, so the children are familiar with this. The website allows you to view the Year 1 Textbooks and Workbooks online, with answers. You will need a username and password to access this. If you would like to be signed up please email, with your full name and then follow the instructions sent via email.








Hello Everyone,


We hope you are all well and staying safe. There is a great new website named Oxford Owls, which you can find at


Here you can read books that are related to your colour level and complete some mini activities. I have created a class login so you can access this at home. The login details are;


My Class Name: limes orange
My Class Password: orange

Please check this page and the 'Latest News' Section regularly, for more updates and ideas!


Mrs Gannon and Mrs McKenna

Online Safety Tasks


With the children learning from home, please continue to be vigilant about how to keep safe online.


To assist you with this, please go to the following website and work through these age appropriate lessons.


Please also read the story posted below, named 'DigiDuck', with your child.