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Check this page every week for home learning tasks.


As it is half term this week, there will be no new Home Learning tasks uploaded.


Please take this opportunity to have a rest, play and try and enjoy a little time outside, if you can.


You may wish to take demonstrate all you have learned about Australia, this half term.


Perhaps make your own book of facts or pictures about Australia. Or create a presentation on the computer to share with your grown ups.


If you would like to be added to Class Dojo, a website where children and Parents can communicate with their teachers, please email


Remember, these are just suggestions. Have fun and stay safe!


Week 4 –The Rainbow Serpent


Just like “Tiddalick the Greedy Frog”, “The Rainbow Serpent” is an old Aboriginal story used to explain how the world was made. 



Task 1

WALT sequence a story


Read the story of The Rainbow Serpent. (Story attached.)


Use the storyboard attached and draw pictures to retell the story.


Task 2

WALT use adjectives

Adjectives are words that describe something.  We try to use the most interesting adjectives to make our writing exciting.


Find as many words as you can that mean the same as –











Use your new words and write them in a sentence.


Task 3

WALT retell a story

Retell the story of The Rainbow Serpent in your own words. 


Focus on the beginning of the story.  Make your beginning interesting with lots of adjectives (describing words to tell us what the land looked like). 

Challenge yourself by NOT using the words One day.


Task 4

WALT write a list

The Rainbow Serpent gave the humans rules to follow. 

If you were in charge for the day what rules would you want everyone to follow?



Task 5

WALT find key words


Word Challenges

Try some of these word challenges today. 


How many words can you make from –




e.g stain, was, pain, etc. 


Word Search -

Try to find all the words in the wordsearch.


Extra activities -


Make a spiral snake.  (template attached or draw your own).  Use the dot patterns from Aboriginal artwork to decorate your own snake. 








Maths  Year 1


There are 2 options for Y1 Maths this week, Maths No Problem or Y1 Place Value booklet below. Attached are questions and answers, below this page.





Maths No Problem

This is the program that we use in School, so the children are familiar with this. The website allows you to view the Year 1 Textbooks and Workbooks online, with answers. You will need a username and password to access this. If you would like to be signed up please email, with your full name and then follow the instructions sent via email.

The chapter to look at this week is entitled ‘Chapter 15 - Numbers to 100'

Please work at your own child’s pace and do not feel the need to complete every lesson.



Online Safety Tasks


With the children learning from home, please continue to be vigilant about how to keep safe online.


To assist you with this, please go to the following website and work through these age appropriate lessons.


Please also read the story posted below, named 'DigiDuck', with your child.

This term we are going to be learning about Australia! Below are some activities for you to do at home.


Parents: Some PowerPoints and worksheet templates have been uploaded if you would like to use them. If you are unable to access a printer, the children can use the templates as a guide to create their own.

A= adult help may be required.      I= should be able to complete independently


These activities are designed to do one a week. You can also research Australia further with your child if you would like!


When using the internet, please remind children of our online internet safety rules.



Resources needed

Travelling to Australia.

[A]Have a look at a map. Where do we live? Can you find it on the map?

Can you find Australia on the map?

How would we get to Australia? What do you think the weather is like?


Read through the ‘All about Australia’ document provided.


[I] Pack a suitcase of all the things you might need to take with you if you were to travel to Australia.


World map (provided)

Paper, pencil


All about Australia provided.


Suitcase template provided.






[A]Look through the ‘Amazing animals’. Find out what animals live in Australia. Discuss with an adult if there are any similarities or differences with the animals that live in England.


[I]Choose your favourite Australian animal and create a fact file about it.

‘Amazing Australian animals’ provided.


‘Amazing animals fact file’ template provided – children can use it as an example to create their own one.

Anzac Day

[A]Read through the ‘Anzac Day’ presentation with an adult.

Use the information to help you answer these questions:

What date is Anzac Day celebrated?

Where is Anzac Day celebrated?

What do people remember on Anzac Day?

How do they celebrate it?


[I]You could make an information leaflet or poster about Anzac Day. Include some pictures a key information that you found out.



Anzac day information available.


[A]There is a recipe for Anzac biscuits if you would like to make some!

Aboriginal dot art

[A]These videos will tell you about the traditional style of art from Australia.


See if you can create your own aboriginal style dot piece of work!




There are some ‘Aboriginal dot art templates’ available if you wish to use them. Instead you could draw around your hand or chose an Australian animal.


You can you can use coloured pencils, felt tip pens, crayons etc, cotton buds, paint etc!

Comparing Australia and the UK.

[A]Read through the ‘Comparing Australia and the UK’ information.

Discuss with an adult the similarities and differences of Australia and the UK.


[I]Write a letter or a post card to an Australian Pen Pal.

Tell your pen pal what you have learnt about Australia. You could include the similarities and differences of Australia and the UK!

‘Comparing Australia and The UK’ slides provided.






Hello Everyone,


We hope you are all well and staying safe. There is a great new website named Oxford Owls, which you can find at


Here you can read books that are related to your colour level and complete some mini activities. I have created a class login so you can access this at home. The login details are;


My Class Name: limes orange
My Class Password: orange

Please check this page and the 'Latest News' Section regularly, for more updates and ideas!


Mrs Gannon and Mrs McKenna