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Week Beginning 15/3/21

Monday - Create a new character


Play the adjective game take turns to say an adjective the person who can’t think of an adjective is out!

Ask your child what a character is? Who were the characters in our story The Enormous Turnip?


Look at the videos on BBC bitesize

  • Think of a new character that we can add to our story that will help us to pull up the enormous turnip. Why should we choose them? Come up with an idea and describe the character using a range of adjectives. Can you think of synonyms for any of these words? How will the character help in the story?
  • Character description list
  • name
  • job
  • appearance
  • where they live
  • likes/dislikes
  • What they are like - kind, funny, clever...

Activity-Draw and write about your character.

Tuesday – Create a new setting and describe it.


Discuss where the story ‘The enormous Turnip’ takes place. Explain that this is the setting, look at a selection of familiar books and ask the children where each story takes place? Can they describe that setting? For example, The Gruffalo takes place in the deep, dark woods. It is full of tall trees. Children to talk about some of the things they might see, hear, smell, feel. Build up lists of adjectives to describe the setting.


Today your child is going to develop their own settings for The Enormous Turnip to take place and describe the things they can see.


Draw a new setting for the story to take place. Describe the new setting of the story using and to connect your ideas. Write sentences that will have a full stop and a capital letter.

Wednesday - Plan the story using a story map


Explain that today your child is going to plan their own ‘enormous story’ discuss what happened in ‘The Enormous Turnip’ playing close attention to what happened at the beginning? What happened next? What happened at the end?


Remind the children of the story plan they drew in class last week for ‘The Enormous Turnip’ story.


Today they are going to plan something to plant, putting their new character in the story and possibly change the setting to the setting they created yesterday. Change as many things as you think your child is comfortable to do.


Children to decide on characters settings and a vegetable to pull but to stick to the same basic story structure of something being planted, growing, being pulled up with help from the characters.


Draw a story map map changing at least 1 thing and writing a sentence for each part of their story.

Thursday- Write their own story


Explain that today they are going to be writing their own stories today. Read the Enormous Turnip again and discuss story structure. Beginning, middle and end.


Look at their story plan from yesterday. Select an idea and model how to use the plan to write a story.


Explain that each part of the story will now need to be written. What makes stories interesting? Should all the sentences start in the same way? Encourage your child to use adjectives to make their sentences more interesting.


Write a story using their story plan. Use and to connective sentence and ideas. Include detail.