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RSE Changing Me overview

Dear Parents and Carers                                                                          May 2021


We have reviewed our PSHE policy incorporating the new RSE standards.

If you have any questions please do contact our Headteacher Ms. Taylor or Mrs. Jonker (PSHE Lead) and we would be happy to discuss the curriculum and changes with you. 



Dear Parents/Carers                                                                                                                     February 2021


RSE (Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education) is compulsory for Primary School children within the UK. We are in the process of reviewing our policy. We are aware that this is a sensitive topic therefore we feel it is important to have your input. As a school, we follow the Jigsaw PSHE scheme of work and will be meeting all the statutory requirements.


Most of the new statutory work will not start until the Healthy Me Puzzle in Spring 2 2021, followed by the Relationships and Changing Me in Summer 2021.



Additional Information: 


Under the Children and Social Work Act 2017 the government committed to making relationships education (primary)and relationships and sex education (secondary) statutory in all schools, including LA maintained schools,academies, free schools and independent schools. All primary schools will soon be required to have relationships education in place and a relationships and sex education policy.  

Education about ‘relationships’ is covered through many aspects of the primary PSHE curriculum. We have ensured that our  PSHE education programme  includes all elements of the new statutory guidance for relationships education. In order to safeguard pupils effectively we have provided a comprehensive programme of relationships and sex education as an integral part of our PSHE provision.