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We strongly believe that reading is the key to accessing all other subjects within the curriculum. We strive to teach the children the key skills to be able to read, as well as a passion and love for books and reading. We provide an environment conducive to this by ensuring children are exposed to a rich variety of texts, opportunities to share and enjoy books and the role models they need to experience why reading is so great!


Throughout the school year, there are events and competitions aimed at promoting the love of reading such as

  • World Book Day

  • Story Teller visit and workshop

  • parent reading workshops

  • Weekly school library visits

  • Librarian visits from our local Library 



Within our classroom reading practice sessions take place three times a week. Each reading practice session has a clear focus. The reading practice sessions have been designed to focus on three key reading skills:

• decoding

• prosody – reading with meaning, stress and intonation

• comprehension – understanding the text.

Please see our Phonics and Early Reading Policy for further information.


Take a look at the video below to see how we teach children to read "tricky words"

Tricky words

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